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  • It has been a pleasure knowing Dr Nutan Jain as an international leader in Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery for more than a decade. She is innovator, leader, and educator who has worked tirelessly to bring the latest surgical technique to specifically Asia as well as the rest of the world. Her boundless energy is allowed her to edit and publish numerous books on endoscopy as well as countless state of the art scientific publications. She has served the laparoscopic academic arena well and is considered a worldwide expert and authority in minimally invasive endoscopic gynecologic surgery. It is a privilege and honor to count Dr Jain as a colleague, advisor and friend. Thank you Dr Jain for sharing your knowledge, time and passion with the world to make it a better place.

  • There is little which I can write about Dr Nutan Jain MD which people dont already know!She is a wonderful human being ,kind and generous,soft spoken and humble! One would have difficulty in guessing that this gentle soul is an accomplished Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgeon who has done more in her young life than most Gynecologists around the world!Apart from being a phenomenal mother and wife,she has been able to build a state of the art medical facility where she performs her innovative surgery and looks after her patients.She has traveled around the world to learn and fine tune her skills in the ever changing world of Minimally Invasive Surgery.She undertook the difficult and forbidding task of writing and editing the State Of The Art book on Gynecological Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy.The contributors in this prestigious book are the creme dela creme of the Endoscopy World! She has further updated the book to include modern developments in this field.This kind of work amidst a busy Obgyn practice shows Dr Jain's commitment to her specialized field .Dr Jain is not only a great surgeon and a special kind of person,she also exhibits ethical and professional behavior in all her dealings.It has been my pleasure and privilege to know Dr Jain personally as well as professionally who continues to amaze me with her enthusiasm and accomplishments

    Radha Syed
  • Surgeons are trained and not born. So a good mentor is necessary to give you the right direction for making things possible. I feel highly blessed that I am trained in endoscopic surgery under the guidance of Dr. Nutan Jain, the director of Vardhman trauma and laparoscopy centre, Muzaffarnagar. She is technically adept and a great combination of intelligence, professionalism, creativity, perseverance and innovation. It was a great experience working with her. Her hospital “Vardhman” is highly equipped with all advanced modalities in endoscopy. Her team and subordinates are highly diligent, cooperative and have good expertise. They helped in developing my acquaintance to the endoscopic theatre, instrument handling and care and also directed me on the pelvic endotrainer so as to improve my surgical skill and acumen. She has great volume of work and best part is that quality is not compromised even a bit. I had great time working in “ Vardhman” and will treasure this experience for my whole life.

    Dr Anjali Gupta
    M.B.B.S, M.S
  • My training experience in the Vardhman Hospital Muzaffarnagar, India with Dr.Nutan Jain was very useful for my professional formation. Thank you very much.
    Dr.Denis Gjika (Gynecologist)
    Pr.Deshmoret & 4 Shkurtit
    Tirana, 1000